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FORMULA 400 "Heathens" CD Arrival: Fierce Velocity Rock 'N Roll

Now that is a title leaving little to the imagination, right? Much like their High Performance namesake, San Diego County's FORMULA 400 are all about flexing sonic muscle. The band is in its third year, having formed in 2018 and since, making member adjustments along the way. Now, the current incarnation of FORMULA 400 - guitarist/vocalist Dan Frick, bassist Kip Page, guitarist/vocalist Ian Holloway, and drummer Ted Karol - are poised and primed to make serious advances. The greatest qualifier of this claim is the recent roll-out of "Heathens", the first full-length release from FORMULA 400. Our fuel-injected foursome more than prove themselves on the album's seven tracks of hard hitting, heavyweight rock and roll. Ultimately, they make a statement for the ages, one with a framework laid in the unmistakable influences of Seventies rock music greats like AC/DC, Saxon, Grand Funk Railroad or Bachman-Turner Overdrive. This quartet have a destination in mind and it's a location where great songs are made and played yet, only a few worthy bands ever reach this place. With the wide spectrum of audio stylings contained on "Heathens", FORMULA 400 show us the way to obtain pure rock glory! ANIMATED INSANITY RECORDS is pleased to partner with FORMULA 400 for a CD release of "Heathens"! This stunning album is an example of the D.I.Y. ethos manifested via FORMULA 400 recording it at The Jug, the band's own home studio. Within its contents are the audible results culminating from four musicians' collective talents, experiences, and creativity and what's rendered is musical excellence. From the hardened blues and heavy grooves of "Light My Way", to the individualism empowering anthem of the open road, "Ridin' Easy", or the darkly hued gut punch of "Spector", these are multifaceted compositions. With their seismic registering rhythm section, harmonic dual guitar assault, and dynamic, yet melody enriched vocals, FORMULA 400 leave no doubt about their being big league ready. Take the Thin Lizzy-esque "Sun Destroyer" for a spin around the track or drop the hammer and coast with the haunting allure of the instrumental "The Long Road Home", this is one easy-to-grasp equation. Equal parts coarse gritty rock and smooth fluid roll, melded with the takeaway from contemporary greats like Fu Manchu, Corrosion Of Conformity, or Black Water Rising, and pal, you got FORMULA 400. FORMULA 400 "Heathens" is available to purchase on CD direct from the ANIMATED INSANITY RECORDS website [here]. Arriving in Europe soon exclusively via No Dust Records [website].

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