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We buy your used LPs/CDs for top $$!

Distro for Indy artists/labels

As an avid collector, I've been buying and collecting music for over 50 years
(my first LP I purchased with my own money was "Desolation Boulevard" by SWEET)
and am ALWAYS looking to buy gently used albums and discs, as well as give collection appraisals. I'm (obviously) mainly interested in Rock/Metal, but will consider most other genres. We will travel to see your collection,
so feel free to contact me for more info.


Have a new release or one you put out with a band 20 years ago and looking for a place to sell and distribute it for you? Feel free to contact me, as I'm happy to consider all quality rock/metal releases from anywhere in the world!
I'll be more than happy to buy/trade with indy labels, so please feel free to get in touch and we'll work out a deal to help one another get music to people that need to hear it!


Graphic Design services

I've worked as a professional graphic designer for over 20 years and am more than happy to offer my services at very reasonable price. I have access to great printing companies, CD/Vinyl makers and can do something simple as make a poster for a show to a pressing of colored splatter vinyl LPs! I am friends with several great artists and other designers  that can design world-class artwork for your project and make your product stand out! Your project does NOT have to be musical, as we can do invitations, etc - NO project too big or small!!!
Feel free to contact me for more details...


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