The discs will ship on Wednesday, March 17th!
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Wholesale, trade and review inquiries:
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Formula 400 CDs HAVE ARRIVED!

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The discs arrived on Friday, January 29th and are now available!
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Wholesale, trade and review inquiries:
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Although we have a contact form on the site, I can also be reached via email at - Please feel free to reach out to me regarding selling your already released CDs for distro in our store, questions about shipping (I do offer 1st class / Priority mail shipping, but have the store set up for media mail as it is the most cost effective, although it does sometime take up to 2 weeks for your purchase to arrive), wholesale inquiries or trades. I am also ALWAYS buying used LPs/CDs and cassettes! I'd also like to hear any suggestions you may have - If you know of a band you think I should be carrying or maybe license their music for a future release, let me know!

Thanks very much for visiting the site and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Joe Paciolla
Managing Director Animated Insanity Records

Animated Insanity Records shirts now available!

I'm pleased to announce that AIR shirts (from small to triple Extra large!) are available via Amazon for $13.09! I make absolutely no money at all on these, but really appreciate anyone that wants to help spread the word of the site! The only catch is you have to be a Prime Member, but that does entitle you to free shipping and returns if you're not happy! They can be purchased at the following link:

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The discs arrived on Friday, July 17th and are now available!

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Wholesale, trade and review inquiries:
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I've been working with Henk Van Delden @ NO DUST RECORDS for just about 16 months and will be offering a large selection of the label's Vinyl and CD titles
in the USA on this site! As most of you are probably aware, shipping costs from Europe make it a very expensive deal to buy music, but buying in quantity helps keeps the cost affordable and I can pass the savings along to customers in the USA.


Brand-new LPs for sale in our store!!

We have a selection of metal/rock titles available in our store, and plenty more items will be listed in the coming days, including used LPs/CDs, books from my personal collection on musicians, the music business, etc, and whatever else I feel like carrying! There will also be a big focus on carrying independent rock/metal bands music here, as I've been a musician for over 30 years and am happy to sell 
releases that friends of mine have put blood, sweat and teas into making.
If you have a release you'd be interested in having me carry,
feel free to contact me !


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