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FALLEN MAN "Burn: 10th Anniversary Reissue" + More Titles; Insights Via Band Founder Michael Joseph

ANIMATED INSANITY RECORDS is pleased to announce we are now stocking the recent milestone acknowledgement of "Burn", a studio album from U.S. industrial thrash metal heavyweights, FALLEN MAN! FALLEN MAN is the preferred outlet of band founder and main driving force, guitarist & vocalist Michael Joseph. Based in Sacramento, California, and active since 2000, FALLEN MAN is truly the epitome of the D.I.Y. way of creating. Over the years, Joseph has relied on a pair of partners-in-crime, bassist Rich Recker (Recker) and drummer Brandon Fuller (Risen From Nothing), and this trio is a productive one. Since 2001, FALLEN MAN has released 12 full-length albums, two EPs, and one compilation. One of these albums was an 8-song, 2011 offering titled "Burn", which recently became the recipient of a 10th Anniversary reissue with five bonus tracks.

2021's 13-track "Burn" is a fiery tour de force of rampaging riffs, rapid fire drumming, and rousing vocal deliveries. It contains incendiary contents-under-pressure, where nothing is off-limits in these songs many have deemed "controversial". They seem to be inspired straight from contemporary headlines of today, the subject matter of these songs reflecting, for the most part, the turmoil and conflict currently taking place within the United States. Never mind the fact the majority of these were written a decade ago because political party-based polarization, the rise of fascism, federally instituted hypocrisy, or cities on flame as people lock and load never go out of date... and FALLEN MAN takes it all on. With a mechanized assault of industrial grade thrash metal best described as Skrew-meets-Annihilator-meets-Demolition Hammer, FALLEN MAN are not playing games. This is immediately understood with lead-in title track, "Burn", a neck wrecking battery of ripping guitar and adrenalized drums. With a near-dizzying pace driving it onward like a locomotive, there is hostility permeating this number and, when the first words you hear are "Burn!.. Burn, Motherfucker.. Burn!".... well, the message is more than clear. Through this power point presentation, that message becomes a multifaceted one, but one with certain fundamentals reappearing throughout. Of the original eight songs, impressive compositions like "Still The Same", "Violence", "Ghosts Walking", or "Smash, Loot, Burn", will pound that message into your skull. By the time you arrive at the five additional bonus tracks, you can sense the evolution that has taken place in FALLEN MAN since the initial 2011 release. However, do not mistake that growth for some kind of taming, or a lame watering down of the FALLEN MAN style or sound. That would not only be presumptuous, but just plainly put, a damn mistake! Recently, I was able to obtain some insights directly from Michael Joseph into the FALLEN MAN albums now being carried at ANIMATED INSANITY RECORDS. Through these brief in-ways to each, we are able to glean an unfettered glimpse of where the band's headspace was during the recording sessions for these outings. The first commentary went for the jugular as Michael revealed the following concerning "Burn - 10th Anniversary Edition" saying: "The "Burn" album was reaching a decade milestone since its release and it just felt like it really needed a refresher... and I had a few extra tracks to add to it. With the current angst in the U.S. and society, ala COVID-19, urban riots and looting, corrupt politicians, "Burn" had a most contemporary relevance. I felt like I had written it yesterday and I really wanted folks to have a renewed chance to hear this awesome music."

FALLEN MAN is an aural descent straight into the metal underground and the "Burn" album is a call to arms. It is relentless and uncompromising, razor sharp in its condemnation... yet it contains a timeless exaltation to inspire survival and perseverance. Stream the "Burn" album in full via the Bandcamp embed provided but before you do, let's take a quick look at the other FALLEN MAN titles A.I.R. is now stocking:

"Whiskey, Women And Weekends" - The most recent offering from FALLEN MAN finds the band getting back to their roots and seeking a damn good time while doing it. Brimming with a palpable retro feel to the original songs presented, yet with an abundant amount of experimentation, these are complimented with some stellar covers. One of them is a well known, anthemic ode to alcohol, a take on the KISS classic, "Cold Gin". The other is a faithful cover first released on the "Reborn" recording, "L.O.V.E. Machine", from one of Michael's favorite bands, W.A.S.P. He comments: "Whiskey is an upbeat release with an 80's attitude and vibe. Get out there and have a good time! I wanted it to be something positive people could listen to as 'bigger picture' things got better... or didn't. If the latter, then you can still rock in America with Fallen Man!" "Reborn" - "This album has two of my personal favorite songs "Zombie" and "Trust Betrayer" along with that W.A.S.P. cover "L.O.V.E. Machine," says Joseph, keeping it short and sweet. Truth is, "Reborn" is one of his band's more aggressive efforts, a rampaging metallic monstrosity. Raging with rapid fire heavy metal excess, these are contents under unrelenting pressure finding release... chaotic, yet driven with precision. "Evil Deeds" - It is more than just a title, trust me. This is one of FALLEN MAN's more timely outings, one reaching new heights for the band yet retaining all the elements we appreciate them for. Inspired by current events and reality in real time, Michael Joseph shared: "This is one of our most consistent releases, a record with a common tone and theme throughout. One aspect of this was achieved by using the same drummer for almost all the tracks, unlike past albums with various players... and that seemed to lend itself to being more cohesive. There are not so many punk-like or industrial type tracks, but ones that are more than just one styling... the basis for my identifying us as "Hybrid-Metal"."

For more about the origins of FALLEN MAN and other insights into the band, check out the 2019 interview I conducted with Michael Joseph at this LINK. We at ANIMATED INSANITY RECORDS are excited in being able to help in heralding this heaviness first into your hands, and then into your heads. We feel that FALLEN MAN is one of the best representatives of the diversity of the U.S. metal underground and a band worthy to share with the metal loving masses!

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