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  • Artist: Zero Hour
  • Label: Sensory Records
  • UPC: 763232301115
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 1/12/2024

    "A futuristic concept album that reads almost like a Marxist allegory... weaving intricately wrought progressive passages into a crushingly heavy framework that owes as much to Meshuggah as Dream Theater." Metal Maniacs.

    Long hailed as a masterpiece of progressive/technical metal, Zero Hour’s “The Towers Of Avarice” has been the cornerstone of prog collections since its 2001 release.

    Sensory is pleased to make it available on vinyl for the first time. The album was cut for vinyl by Chris Muth of Dangerous Music/Taloowa Mastering. Chris took a purest approach resulting in a more dynamic sound that simply requires the listener to turn up the volume a bit. This album needs to be played LOUD and the vinyl edition delivers the goods.

    Zero Hour’s influences range from the dark brooding power of Fates Warning to the intricate technicality of Spiral Architect and Meshuggah. The band features twin brothers Jasun and Troy Tipton on guitars and bass, drummer Mike Guy, and vocalist Erik Rosvold.

    The Towers Of Avarice” is a bleak futuristic conceptual work reminiscent of Blade Runner. The story tells the tale of two societies – one above ground obsessed with consumption and the restless slaves living underground that are under their control. Guitar and bass interlock seamlessly only to be interrupted by a staccato assault of crushing guitar riffs and soaring vocals. Rosvold is a truly gifted singer, often compared to Ronnie James Dio and John Arch. He grabs the spotlight with his angst ridden vocals, conveying all the drama that unfolds in the tale. This truly is a complex masterpiece of epic progressive metal.

    The album features surrealist artwork and graphic design by Travis Smith who has worked with Nevermore, Opeth, Katatonia, Sadus, and others.

    Produced by Dino Alden (Marty Friedman, Mordred, Imagika)

Zero Hour - The Towers Of Avarice (LP) (2023 Reissue) (Black Vinyl)

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