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  • Artist: Wizard
  • Label: Heaven And Hell Records
  • UPC: 685747054525
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2020

    Wizard was a San Francisco Bay Area band during the early and mid-1980s. The members came from middle-class families of modest means and none of the musicians was able to afford much with regard to music lessons. For the most part, they were all self-taught musical artists who spent many hours in solitude listening to records over and over again, trying to hear the riffs and drum rolls, then trying to duplicate those licks. They had an explosive on-stage energy that was born in the headbanger culture. They had artistic talents beyond just playing music, and they all shared a common dream of hitting it big one day. They projected that attitude because they knew they weren’t posers like so many other musicians that tried and failed to get out of the garage to play. They were true believers in themselves and their dreams,

    FOR FANS OF: Y&T, TKO, Krokus, Twisted Sister an Kiss

Wizard ‎– Marlin, Grog, Madman and The Bomb (CD) (2020 Heaven And Hell Records)

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