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  • Artist: Waste Down Rebels
  • Label: The Vinyl Countdown
  • UPC: 5055544230838
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 5/12/2023

    The writing process for Waste Down Rebels' upcoming album entitled: Mercies and Curses began in early months of 2020. The owner, guitarist and songwriter of Waste Down Rebels - Rick Ayers, had the music for a few complete tracks demo'd and reached out to Steve Blaze from Lillian Axe to see if he would be interested in tracking vocals and writing lyrics. This all began to unfold at the start of the COVID pandemic so time was in our favour to see how things might progress and if the synergy between parties transpired. Listening to the first track Steve wrote for the album, I (Rick) instantly knew this was the direction I wanted to go for a complete collection that became 12 tracks. During the writing process I had the opportunity to work closely with the musician known as VIRUS from the band DOPE. Virus played a key role in my song writing for numerous tracks that are on the album. By the end of 2020, the album was complete.

Waste Down Rebels - Mercies And Curses (CD) (2023)

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