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  • Artist: Volcana
  • Label: Glory Or Death Records
  • UPC: N/A
  • Genre: Stoner Rock/Metal
  • Release Date: 03/17/2023

    This band is hailing from the USA and brings us after a split Sampler and an EP their 1st full length. And the members are no Greenhorns. Vic Stown sings and plays the guitars and is known from VINDICATOR and VANIK, Jeff Potts was into MANTIC RITUAL, GYGAX, MELTDOWN and WARBRINGER, and Glen Monturi was the live drummer of SEVEN WITCHES. So be sure, these guys know how to play metal.

    They created their little unique kind of music because they combine some traditional 80ies sounds from RIOT, THE RODS with some doomy influences from SABBATH or stoner from THE SWORD.

Volcana - Goddess of Flame (LP) (Grey Marbled vinyl) (2023)

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