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  • Artist: Vice
  • Label: Metallic Blue Records
  • UPC:655825505829
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2018


    ​It was 1974 and Mark Morrison (The Jack, Harlot) was attending Bonneville Junior High School. Mark had always loved music and received early inspiration from his 7th grade music teacher, Mr. Baldwin. With a little influence from bands such as Judas Priest and Kiss, Mark was on a due course for his rock ’n’ roll journey.Jump to 1985 and Mark has just departed from the Salt Lake City-based band “The Jack” where he was playing bass guitar. He was looking to form a new band that matched his own vision. Mark attended an Obsession concert at Salt Lake’s Haunted Mill and Obsession’s guitar player Jay Gough—aka Jake Oslo (Obsession [Salt Lake], Dark Haven, Megattack, Rag Dolls, Engineered Society Project)—caught his eye. Mark wanted to recruit Jay and Obsession’s keyboard player Alan Ludington (Obsession [Salt Lake], Dark Haven, Tremor, Moviescreen, Terra) to his new project.

Vice - Fooled By Your Love (CD) (2018 Metallic Blue Reissue)

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