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  • Artist: Vexed
  • Label: Napalm
  • UPC: 840588180905
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 6/23/2023

    In 2021, UK alt-metal outfit Vexed emerged as one of the hottest new bands to watch in heavy music - crushing anyone in their path with their disturbingly honest, highly-lauded debut, Culling Culture. Heavier and more violent, the new studio album depicts the confidence Vexed have gathered since their first release, and represents a soundtrack of brutality - chaotic, traumatic and based on the band's most grueling personal experiences - while exploring themes of death, betrayal, pain and grief even more critically than before. Negative Energy achieves pinnacle musicianship and gripping, profound and brave lyricism. Instead of opting for forced positivity like many of their contemporaries, the Hertfordshire four-piece channel every ounce of their Negative Energy into these 13 tracks - recharging themselves for an uphill battle. Negative Energy proves itself as a stunning, devastating musical conduit - ventilating the band's pain-stricken burdens and breathing life into their fresh approach, delivered with a vengeance.

Vexed - Negative Energy (LP) (2023) (Black Vinyl)

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