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  • Artist: Vessel Of Light
  • Label: Indie
  • UPC: 0764942286525
  • Genre: Doom Metal
  • Release Date: 2019


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    Thy Serpent Rise is the new album from Vessel Of Light which features Dan Lorenzo of HADES and Nathan Opposition of Ancient VVisdom fame within their ranks. Coming 12 months after their debut album Woodshed which was released on famed Italian label – Argonauta Records. The band have decided to release this album themselves. So it was a nice surprise that the band just suddenly announced the album and released it right away.

    Thy Serpent Rise carries on the gloomy sounding passages heard on their previous two records but with a heavier approach to their overall sound. Vessel Of Light feel more aggressive and pissed off on this album. As it’s heavy from the start with it’s heavy pounding Doom/Sludge/Grunge/Stoner hybrid riffs that we know from the band members other bands.

    This album feels influenced by Alice In Chains yet again and that’s a good thing. The bleak and emotional lyrical content is quite refreshing to hear and the band don’t shy away on touching upon hard-hitting subject matter. Black Sabbath fans will find much to enjoy here with the band adapting that legendary Sabbath down-tuned sound for their own devilish purposes.

    The 12 songs on offer feel like the band have more creative freedom on this album and that’s perhaps down to the 2 new members Ron and Jimmy who have joined since Vessel Of Light last album. The band’s sound is more direct and heavier which sees some excellent instrumental work leading the way on certain parts of the album.

    Standout songs are: Abandon Life, Meet And Bone, Rush Of Blood, Skin In The Game and After Death. As these are the songs that contain the heaviest sounds and potent lyrics on the entire album. The vocals are superb as well with vocal duties being handled by Nathan and Dan respectively.

    Thy Serpent Rise is a very hard album to categorise. As it’s a mixture of different sounds and genres without falling into one overall genre. Though, it shouldn’t matter. As Vessel Of Light have released an excellent album that will appeal to Hard Rock and Heavy Metal fans alike.

    The production is quite intense and very clear from start to finish.

    Overall, Thy Serpent Rise is another outstanding album from Vessel Of Light and I’ve heard the band are currently hard on their 4th release. Until then, check out Thy Serpent Rise now.

    You won’t be sorry…..

    Words by Steve Howe

Vessel Of Light - Thy Serpant Rise (CD in Ecopak) (2019 Indie)

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