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  • Artist: Vault
  • Label: Qumran Records
  • UPC: 6011647182145
  • Genre: Progressive Rock
  • Release Date: 12/2/2022

    Vault is a Progressive Rock band from the Netherlands, influenced by modern progressive rock, classic rock, and hardrock, Vault sounds like a fresh combination of bands from their respective field such as; Steven Wilson, Opeth. We have a critical view on society and ongoing (concerning) subjects, but we also include personal experiences in our songs. We are always working on the best way of getting our music to the next level. The Perfect Truth is a conceptual album where we zoom in on the individuals in today's global society. We want to expose, through both text, music and video, that the world consists of a group of people who can only see the world from their own perspective and frames of reference. And that because of this 'limitation' we are all inextricably linked to the violence, suffering and aggression that occurs on our planet. Also, we magnify that technological progress does not always equate to positive development, especially in the way how we treat each other. We actually want to hold up the proverbial mirror to everyone, and make it clear that you as a person can only see someone else through your own eyes.

Vault - The Perfect Truth (LP) (2022) (Clear Red Vinyl)

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