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  • Artist: Def Leppard Tribute
  • Label: FnA Records
  • UPC: 301652040322
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2022

    CD is sealed and brand new!

    Track List for Let’s Get Rocked – A Tribute To Def Leppard:
    01. Hello America – Play Rough
    02. Rock Rock Til You Drop – Charlie Bonnet III
    03. Rock Of Ages – Corners Of Sanctuary
    04. Have You ever Needed Someone So Bad – Rob Wylde (Tigertailz, Midnite City)
    05. Let It Go – Roxy Blue
    06. Photograph – Richard Cox (Sic Vikki)
    07. Lady Strange – Bomber Alley
    08. Miss You In A Heartbeat – Anton Joensen
    09. Woman – Shef Leppard (ft. Tony Kenning)
    10. Mirror Mirror – Jim Crean
    11. Two Steps Behind – Mike Tracy
    12. On Through The Night – Rat Salad Review
    13. Foolin’ – Jim Crean
    14. Wasted – Shef Leppared (ft. Tony Kenning)
    15. Love Bites (Instrumental) – Ben Welch
    16. Me And My Wine – Charlie Bonnet III

    “Let’s Get Rocked – A Tribute To Def Leppard” is a compilation of 16 songs with tracks from all the periods of the bands tracks. This Tribute doesn’t stick to just the hits – there are deep cuts from Def Leppard‘s catalog of music. Tracks like Mirror Mirror, Me and My Wine, Let It Go, Lady Strange and Wasted are a few of the songs covered on this compilation.

    One of the most exciting notable parts of this compilation is that ORIGINAL Def Leppard drummer Tony Kenning lends his talents to two tracks on this album. Many die hard Def Leppard fans know that their was a drummer before Rick Allen – many don’t. Tony was in Def Leppard‘s concoction of the band from its very beginning for about 14 months – He was 16 at the time. When he started with the band it was just Rick Savage, Pete Willis and Tony. Pete Willis then brought in Joe Elliott and Steve Clark for what would one day ne one of the greatest Hard Rock bands the world would ever know. Tony would later be responsible for changing of the spelling of the bands name from Deaf Leopard to Def Leppard. Tony would help in writing eight early songs (Wasted, Rocks Off, etc.) although was never credited for doing so. Tony currently has a Def Leppard band called Shef Leppard.

    Another known artist on this project is Geffen Recording artist Roxy Blue who were signed to Geffen by Tom Zutat (Motley Crue, Guns n Roses, Tesla). Roxy Blue was signed in 1992 and had much MTV success. They are still going strong today.

    Let’s Get Rocked – A Tribute To Def Leppard has been worked on for the greater part of a year as FnA Records wanted to make this Tribute one of the best that exists – it is up there amongst the best of the best.

    Let’s Get Rocked – A Tribute To Def Leppard is a 16 track silver pressed disc. The 12 page, full color booklet features a small bio of each of the talented artists. It is available as a regular CD, signed version autographed by Tony Kenning (limited to 50 Worldwide), and as a digital download.”

VA - Let’s Get Rocked – A Tribute To Def Leppard (CD) (FnA Records)

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