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  • Artist: TKO
  • Label: Metal Mayhem Music
  • UPC: 600665771521
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2001

    Digitally remastered and expanded edition including one bonus track. TKO's very existence always appeared to be on the brink of implosion but, miraculously, the band nearly always pulled through, picking up the pieces just when the final curtain call seemed inevitable. The credit for this determination to keep pushing TKO forward must be laid at the feet of vocalist and band leader Brad Sinsel who doggedly refused to give up the fight even when defeat was staring him in the face. Looking to capitalize on the band's previous album and the positive critical feedback it received, Brad assembled another revised line up and looked to up-date their musical style with bolder and better riffs. Once again produced by Rick Kefer at his studio in Hawaii, the record succeeded on several levels. The songs were hard hitting and precise, whilst the playing took no prisoners, mining a raw but melodic seam reminiscent of W.A.S.P., RATT and Quiet Riot whilst always acknowledging that the hooks needed to punch home a message. The band found a fresh new home for this record with premiere independent label Roadrunner Records. Once again, the critical reception was wildly enthusiastic, complementing the band on their raw yet melodic approach that left no stone unturned in an effort to maximize the music's impact. Sadly however, sales were not strong enough to push the band to the next level. Again, another example of an act that, despite putting up a valiant fight, was forever destined to be a highly influential footnote in the hard rock hall of fame.

TKO - Below The Belt (CD) (2001 - Metal Mayhem Music)

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