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  • Artist: The Warning
  • Label: Lava Records
  • UPC: 602448268631
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 6/24/2022

    Error is The Warning's first full-length album to be released via Lava Records, with which the band signed a multi-album deal in 2020.[3] The first song to be released from the recording sessions was "Choke" in May 2021.[4] Six of the album's songs had previously been released on the EP Mayday in October 2021.[5] The first of the new songs, "Money", was released as a preview single in March 2022.[6] The band describes the album as "about how we perceive the world as a generation and how we experience things in this new age – Love, technology, social life, media, politics; losing our sense of humanity and everything in between.

The Warning - Error (2 LP) (2022) (White and Blue Transparent Vinyl)

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