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  • Artist: The Paradigm Shift
  • Label: Lion's Pride Music
  • UPC: N/A
  • Genre: Alternative Rock/Pop
  • Release Date: 12/11/2023


    The Paradigm Shift is a dynamic rock band that burst onto the scene from the vibrant city of Dimapur, Nagaland in 2019. With a magnetic fusion of styles ranging from Alternative Rock to pop, they've managed to carve a unique niche for themselves in the music industry. Comprising five exceptionally talented members, the band has consistently amazed audiences with their energetic performances and unparalleled musical chemistry.

    The heart and soul of the band lies in its members, each contributing their distinct talents to create a harmonious symphony that captivates listeners. Chechamo Odyuo, the charismatic lead vocalist, lends his emotive voice to the band's lyrics, infusing each song with raw emotion. Zajamo Kithan, the virtuoso lead guitarist, weaves intricate melodies that stir the soul, while Arepsen Aier, the rhythmic backbone on rhythm guitar, adds depth and texture to the band's sound. Razo, the master of the bass guitar, provides the pulsating heartbeat of their music, and Bendang, the powerhouse drummer, propels the band forward with his driving beats.

    The magic of The Paradigm Shift was apparent from their very first jam session, where they discovered an effortless musical connection that would become the cornerstone of their identity. This seamless synchronicity fueled their evolution as they navigated through various band competitions in and around Northeast India, setting stages ablaze with their captivating performances. Some of their notable appearances include electrifying sets at the Dwijing Festival, International Music Festival in Guwahati, the Northeast Festival, World Music Day celebrations in Kohima,and the vibrant Dimapur Music and Youth Festivals.

    Their dedication and sheer passion led them on an East-India tour, covering eight major cities in the region,spreading their musical magic far and wide. The band's prowess was further amplified by a series of guest performances, where they shared the stage with renowned artists, leaving an indelible mark on each event.

    Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, The Paradigm Shift exhibited their resilience by releasing their debut official music video, "From The Ashes." The response was nothing short of overwhelming, solidifying their place in thehearts of their growing fanbase. Their unwavering commitment to their craft caught the attention of Lion's Pride Music in Denmark, leading to a record deal that promises to take their musical journey to new heights.

    With their eyes set firmly on the horizon, The Paradigm Shift is working diligently on new material for their upcoming album. Their creative endeavors transcend boundaries as they boldly experiment with different genres, aspiring to reshape the current music scene. Through their dedication, innovation, and electrifying performances, The Paradigm Shift is poised to leave an indelible mark on the world of rock music, and their journey has only just begun.

The Paradigm Shift - For You (CD) (2023) (Lion's Pride Music)

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