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  • Artist: The Letter Black
  • Label: Rockfest Records
  • UPC: 860004905073
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 08/06/2021

    The Letter Black is ready to let the world know: they’re confident in what they have to say, and they’ll be sharing that message with guitars and vocals blazing in their latest album, The Letter Black. A new era of the band has been born–an era defined by the poised conviction built through three studio albums and countless live shows.The Letter Black’s latest self-titled album is a testament to their newfound artistic freedom. The band’s confidence shines through in the music, which was crafted in collaboration betweenMark and Sarah Anthony. After writing and recording in their home studio during quarantine,The Letter Black collaborated with legendary drummer Lester Estelle (Pillar, Kelly Clarkson), and recorded vocals with Travis Wyrick (P.O.D., Pillar, Disciple). The result was a musical team of veterans that were each able to deliver on the level of boldness the lyrics demanded. 

The Letter Black - The Letter Black (CD) (2021 Rockfest Records)

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