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  • ARTIST: Stuck Mojo
  • LABEL: Brutal Planet
  • UPC: 637405140835
  • GENRE: Heavy Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 4/12/2024
  • Unleash the Beast of Rap Metal in Vibrant Analog Glory! Prepare for a thrilling journey into the heart of rap metal as we unveil the ultimate collector's gem - Stuck Mojo's "HVY1" on 2-LP Blue Vinyl! This exclusive release, brought to you by the prestigious Limited Run Vinyl label, is your ticket to owning a true masterpiece of the genre. This limited edition gatefold vinyl promises an experience like no other, combining the raw power of rap and metal in a mesmerizing analog format.

    Notably, this is the first time ever that "HVY1" has graced the vinyl format, making this release even more historic and coveted. The vibrant blue vinyl adds an extra layer of visual and sonic allure to an already electrifying album. "HVY1" catapults you into Stuck Mojo's world of heavy-hitting beats, razor-sharp guitar riffs, and dynamic rap vocals that pulse through your speakers with unparalleled intensity. With the gatefold packaging, you'll not only immerse yourself in the sonic brilliance but also savor stunning visual artistry that complements the music's force and depth. This release is a must-have for devoted Stuck Mojo fans, vinyl aficionados, and anyone craving a sonic adventure that defies boundaries. Don't miss your chance to own a limited edition piece of rap metal history. Secure your copy of "HVY1" on 2-LP Blue Vinyl, and unleash the beast within! HVY1' consists of pretty much every Mojo classic from what could be considered "chapter one" of their career. 'Rising', 'Enemy Territory', '2 Minutes of Death', 'Southern Pride', 'Mental Meltdown', 'Not Promised Tomorrow' and 'Throw the Switch'... they're all here! The inclusion of two new songs, 'Reborn' and 'My Will', serves as icing on the cake, and a final live bonus track in which the band goes off on stage and interacts with the audience. Grab this treasure while you can!

Stuck Mojo - HVY1 (LP) (2024 Reissue) (Blue Vinyl)

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