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  • ARTIST: Split Image
  • LABEL: Eonian Records
  • UPC: 798576297893
  • GENRE: Hard Rock
  • RELEASE DATE: 3/29/2024


    This journey began 33 years ago, five teens from Tampa with a love for Rock ‘N’ Roll.’

    Hours spent watching MTV and hoping that one day... just maybe one day, they could achieve such heights as their musical heroes In August of 1990, SPLIT IMAGE was formed. SPLIT IMAGE featured Erik Youngs on Bass, Kimo Gray and Jayson Pines on Guitar, Tony DiCarlo or Drums and Jason Morey on Vocals. They lit up the Central Florida music scene with a flurry of dates until they became the house band for Tampa Rock Mecca “The Rock- It Club.”

    On any night through the early ’90s, you might find SPLIT IMAGE doing their thing at the Dale Mabry hotspot. In 1992, the band released their EP Strawberry Jam. It quickly received spins on Tampa Bay Rock Station, 98 Rock. Songs like “Roses” and “Dead Presidents” went into rotation on the station. But another thing also happened in 1992, the rise of “Grunge.” The “Grunge” sound and look were a 180 turn from what was seen and heard in the clubs around the Florida scene. Gone was Spandex and Aqua Net and in marched flannel shirts and Doc Martens. While SPLIT IMAGE at this time was long past the Lycra and teased hair, their rock sound was also evolving. Sadly, in June of 1993 SPLIT IMAGE disbanded.

    Amongst the pressures of life, varying thoughts on how to handle the band’s future as well the rapidly changing club scene, the band called it a day. Five members went in five different directions, shutting the door on three years of shows, rehearsals, photo shoots and recording. When asked years later, singer, Jason Morey expressed that one of his few regrets in life was that SPLIT IMAGE never got a chance to go into the studio and record songs that were written in the last 11 months the band was together.

    These songs, which were live staples for the band in its final year together were looked at as some of best material the band had written in their short tenure. So as years passed and through marriages, children, divorces, these songs sat. The only memories remaining have been old video tapes and old live cassettes from years ago. Not until now have the masters been dusted off and these unreleased songs from SPLIT IMAGE been put to disc. Six songs chosen from the band’s final year together have been unearthed and recorded, keeping the original arrangements but using modern technology.In the process, the reels from the original SPLIT IMAGE release Strawberry Jam have been baked and digitized, thereby allowing the band to remix and remaster the EP in its entirety.

    Combining the old with the new, we now present for you “Phoenix,” the new album from SPLIT IMAGE. Six tracks remixed and remastered from Strawberry Jam and six newly recorded tracks. Twelve rocking tracks that encapsulate the true sound of one of Central Florida’s most promising Rock acts from the ’90s.

    Crank it up LOUD!!!

Split Image - Phoenix (CD) (2024) (Eonian Records)

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