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  • Artist: Spillage
  • Label: Qumran Records
  • UPC: 739608508341
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 9/15/2023


    The members of Spillage have weathered decades of changes in the music industry, but they celebrate their Ten-Year Anniversary as a band in 2023. "Phase Four" is the fourth full-length album offered by "Spillage" and this release clearly demonstrates how their songwriting and performance skills have risen to "Next-Level" status. This effort delivers relevant topics lyrically and offers variety in music styles throughout the album that should appeal to a wide range of Rock/Metal music lovers. Spillage has secured their place in the realm of original one-of-a-kind music that defies explanation blending complex keyboard melodies with tight dual-guitar harmonies and progressive bass lines that compliment heavy hitting drums, setting a solid foundation for the distinctive vocal style that is uniquely "Spillage"! Their catchy riffs, robust orchestration and meaningful lyrics will stand the test of time as music that offers something for everyone.

Spillage - Phase Four (LP) (2023) (Blue Vinyl)

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