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  • Artist: Speaking To Stones
  • Label: Animated Insanity Records/No Dust Records
  • UPC: 8716059014838
  • Genre: Progressive Metal
  • Release Date: 08/05/2022

    Progressive Metal materpiece! We're extremely proud to be co-releasing this amazing CD with our European partner, No Dust Records! If ordering from Europe/Asia or South America, please visit, as we are servicing North America...

    Speaking to Stones is ready to release their third effort: (In)Human Error, a personal journey through the beauty and disappointment of trying to make change in our too, too broken world. To help him incorporate elements of more modern progressive bands such as Periphery and Animals as Leaders, Tony enlisted wunderkind drummer Mike Malyan (Monuments, Disperse) and vocalist Maxi Curnow. Their collaboration produced a collection of compositions that are as lyrically rich as they are sonically diverse.

    CD jewelcase, Gold Disc.

Speaking To Stones - (In)human Error (CD) (2022 AIR/No Dust Records)

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