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  • ARTIST: Space Chaser
  • LABEL: Metal Blade
  • UPC: 039841578263
  • GENRE: Heavy Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 7/16/2021

    Nothing can beat the thrill of thrash at its best, and no one is keeping the spirit and sound of the genre alive quite like Berlin's Space Chaser. Marking their ten-year anniversary with their third full-length, Give Us Life, they are returning in force and once again establishing their importance in the scene. "What we do is contemporary Thrash Metal, if you will, and while still having the 'old-school' elements everyone loves we try to incorporate some of the influences that we expose ourselves to. Over the last ten years this kind of music progressed a lot, and of course that has its influence on us. But what we do is still Thrash Metal, we just hope we're able to translate it a little bit better into 2021."

Space Chaser - Give Us Life (LP) (2019) (Gold Blackdust Vinyl)

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