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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: FnA Records
  • UPC: 301652040407
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2023

    Song & Dance Man: A Tribute to Warrant & Jani Lane – featuring 19 tracks including 3 Tracks from Jani Lane’s Daughter and 1 track featuring Jani’s Brother being released via FnA Records

    FnA Records is excited to be releasing a Tribute album, Song & Dance Man: A Tribute to Warrant & Jani Lane, to one of their favorite bands and songwriters. This project was seven months in the making and the listener will be delighted to hear the results; worldwide renditions of Warrant/Jani Lane songs, by those bands and artists that loved the Jani Lane era of Warrant.

    In early January 2023, FnA Records put a call out for artists to send in their tributes of Warrant Songs from the Jani Lane time period. We were not only surprised at the overwhelming response that came in, but all the musicians who just wanted to share with us (FnA) their own personal stories of them and Jani and Warrant. We knew we had an instant winner on our hands, but what we didn’t know was what was to come…

    To make the project a little more interesting (and so that we didn’t just get exact replicas of Warrant songs) we posted ads in Country groups, acapella groups, Rap Groups, Bluegrass groups, etc. To our surprise we hit in the Bluegrass Group and we hit “BIG”. Long story short, John Feist from the Hunter Skeens & The Forerunners Bluegrass band contacted us and stated “I am an old friend of Jani’s and played with him back around their High School days and after – and not only that, but John’s current band includes Jani’s brother Eric Oswald – and would we be interested in doing something with them? Hell Yes! Around the same time we were also talking with Jani’s daughter, Maddi Lane, who is an artist in her own right, and she elatedly not only contributed 3 of her fathers tunes to the project, but wanted to be involved from front to back. Maddi was one of six judges in the overwhelming task of whittling the artists down to 16 from over 50 submissions amongst other areas including artwork, sequencing, design, and naming the album.

    Other Notable Facts:
    Eric Oswald (Jani’s brother) is the one who recorded the intro on the song Uncle Tom’s Cabin from the Cherry Pie album by Warrant…And he did it again for this project!
    Maddi Lane contributes “Heaven”, “Sometimes She Cries”, & “Stronger Now” to the album.
    This project contains tracks by artists from Chile, Poland, Canada, and The U.S.
    The guitar case on this album cover is Janis actual Warrant guitar case (we just added the Jani Lane).
    Find out about all the artists and where you can hear and see them in the 16 page booklet full of info.

Song And Dance Man - Jani Lane Tribute (CD) (2023 FnA Records)

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