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  • Artist: Skinher
  • Label: Aural Music
  • UPC: 8057506205028
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 6/9/2023


    Vinyl LP pressing. 2023 release. Skinher are making their dynamic debut with the full-length Heartstruck. The record is fueled with driving rhythms, compelling riffs and a vintage analogue sound. Skinher produce thrilling hard rock with a gory undertone. From the alluring opener and first single You Are Next! To the rock ballad Josephine, Skinher showcase a powerful display of soaring melodies, warm-toned guitars and charismatic licks. While on the surface Skinher's tracks are comprised of the signature ingredients for a classic style heavy rock album, the band artfully introduce 80s synth elements, such as those in Interstellar Love Hysteria, to enhance the textures of their music. He Sees You ventures into heavier nightmarish realms. Demonic vocals unleash an air of terror while the guitars take centre stage with contrapuntal melodies entwining to form a captivating sound. Lovers of horror will not miss the reference to the iconic Psycho strings that introduce the frightful Dance With the Dead. Energetic instrumentation, heavy distortion and a catchy chorus make for a delightfully dark track.

Skinher - Heartstruck (LP) (2023) (Blue w/ Blood Red Splatter Vinyl)

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