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  • ARTIST: Sheela
  • LABEL: Lions Pride Music
  • UPC: N/A
  • GENRE: Hard Rock
  • RELEASE DATE: 4/29/2024


    SHEELA –The Legacy of Burned Down
    In the vibrant era of late '80s and early '90s, when Hard Rock ruled the charts and iconic bands were born in the lively streets of L.A., a lesser-known yet equally formidable force emerged from the heart of Germany –Wiesbaden to be precise. It was in this cultural backdrop that five talented musicians converged, forming a band that would redefine Melodic Hard Rock. Thus, SHEELA was born.

    The founding members, Wolfgang Ilsy Terne (Vocals, Guitars), Christian Moser (Guitars, Backing Vocals), Markus Teske (Keyboards, Backing Vocals), Tony Spagone (Bass, Backing Vocals), and Jojo Nimtz (Drums, Backing Vocals), brought diverse musical influences to the table. Wolfgang drew inspiration from Blues Rock legends like Paul Rodgers and David Coverdale, Markus hailed from a successful German Pop-Rock band, Jojo brought in Southern Rock and Country vibes, while Chris and Tony added the essential rock elements to the mix.

    Their creative hub was a basement rehearsal space in an old street house, which would later evolve into Markus Teske's legendary BAZEMENT Studio. This studio would become the birthplace of several successful albums for bands like U.D.O., Vanden Plas, Dominci, The New Roses, and more.

    In 1995, SHEELA released their debut album, "BURNED DOWN," meticulously crafted and recorded at the BAZEMENT Studio. The album, showcasing a blend of powerful vocals, compelling guitar lines, and intricate arrangements, achieved instant success in Japan. Renowned magazines like BURRN and ROCK HARD recognized their potential, with the former awarding the album 87 points.

    "BURNED DOWN" opens with the captivating "LONG TIME," a track featuring a memorable guitar line in the chorus. The album progresses through the anthemic "READY" and the soulful "HOLDIN' ON," leaving an indelible mark on the Hard Rock scene of thetime. The success of the album paved the way for a tour and, later in 1995, personnel changes in the band.

    Their second album, "CHANGES," dropped in 1997, again making waves in Japan before conquering European audiences during a tour with Canadian superstars SAGA. In the subsequent years, SHEELA shared stages with legendary acts like FATES WARNING, won the KARLSBERG CHALLENGE, and made a mark in the USA by performing at the STURGIS RALLY alongside bands like STYX and REO SPEEDWAGON.

    The journey continued with their third album, "STRAIGHT HEARTED ONES" (2001), featuring guest musician Michael Sadler of SAGA. SHEELA toured extensively, opening for heavyweights like NAZARETH, MANFRED MAN, POISON, and even sharing the stage with Germany's most successful Rockband –THE SCORPIONS.

    However, like any great rock story, SHEELA encountered lineup changes, and in 2002, Markus Teske bid farewell, leaving Christian Moser as the sole remaining member of the original lineup.

    Despite the changes, SHEELA's impact endured, with discussions and online buzz surrounding their music even in 2018. Described as "One of Germany's secrets," the timeless classics "LONG TIME" and "BURNED DOWN" continue to resonate with fans, prompting a resurgence in interest.

    In 2023, SHEELA signed a landmark deal with Lions Pride Music, a renowned record label based in Denmark. This collaboration brought forth a reissue of their debut album "Burned Down," remixed, remastered, and adorned with a new artwork. This worldwide release on CD and Digital platforms reintroduced the timeless magic of SHEELA to a global audience, reaffirming their status as pioneers of Melodic Hard Rock.

    SHEELA's journey, marked by musical evolution, international recognition, and an enduring legacy, is a testament to the band's commitment to creating timeless Hard Rock that transcends eras. As we look back at the album that started it all, "BURNED DOWN," SHEELA's legacy lives on, leaving an indelible mark on the history of German rock.

Sheela - Burned Down (CD) (2024) (Lions Pride Music)

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