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  • Artist: Sainted Sinners
  • Label: Rock Of Angels Records
  • UPC: 5200123663143
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2022

    Not even a year after their highly acclaimed 3rd album "Unlocked & Reloaded", Sainted Sinners return with their newest collection of songs under the bands own motto "The Essence of Rock'n Roll". With their new effort "Taste it", the band continues their creative flow. From the big riff driven up-tempo opener "Against the odds" to the final orchestra decrescendo in the epic "Heart of stone", Sainted Sinners takes you on a journey through all facets and musical diversity that a Hard Rock album should have! Rooted within the sound of legendary acts, such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Van Halen... The band once again proves that good old classic Hard Rock can be appreciated by all ages of rock fans for it's variety and timeless approach. The album "Taste it" deliver to it's listener a feeling of good time Rock'n Roll vibes. Founded by guitarist Frank Pane (Bonfire) with Jacopo Meille (Tygers Of Pan Tang) on vocals. When listening to "Taste it" you should feel in "good ol' company" with music, which DNA is "the essence of Rock'n Roll". If you like true hard rockin' music made with great craftsmanship, look no further than "Taste it"!

Sainted Sinners – Taste It (2022) (Clear Yellow/Black Marbled Vinyl)

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