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  • Artist: Ron Coolen/Keith St. JohnLabel: Indie
  • UPC: 8720828354599
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2023

    'Here to Stay' is the second solo album of the Dutch multi-instrumentalist Ron Coolen. He co-wrote the album with American singer Keith St John, well known from bands like Burning Rain, Kingdom Come, Montrose and Lynch Mob. Keith sings on all tracks on 'Here to Stay'. The album has contributions from a range of world class guest guitarists:
    - Gus G. (Firewind, solo artist, ex-Ozzy Osbourne)
    - Timo Somers (Supersonic Revolution, Ayreon, ex-Delain)
    - Christopher Amott (solo artist, ex-Arch Enemy, ex-Dark Tranquillity)
    - George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob)
    - Satchel (Steel Panther)
    - Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry, Meshuggah)
    - Joey Concepcion (solo artist, Dark Tranquillity)

    The CD comes with 3 additional bonus tracks, and has a cool 12-page booklet.

    The style of music is varied. Next to the more hair & hard rock oriented style of songs that Keith is famous for, there are also some more heavy metal and thrash-style songs on the album. These songs reflect Ron's influences, and Keith's performance on those songs show skills he was never asked to demonstrate with none of his musical ventures. It is this synergy between Ron and Keith that makes their co-operation so unique. In addition to that, the music is also filled with many stunning and spectacular guitarsolos from some of the world's finest players.

    All music written by Ron Coolen and Keith St John
    Vocals: Keith St John
    Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Bass, Keyboards: Ron Coolen
    Guitar solos: Gus G., Timo Somers, George Lynch, Christopher Amott, Joey Concepcion,
    Per Nilsson, Satchel

Ron Coolen/Keith St. John - Here To Stay (CD in Digipak) (2023 Indie)

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