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  • Artist: Resist And Bite
  • Label: Lor Live Records
  • UPC: 859749927044
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2021

    Resist & Bite was formed in early 2019 by Tommy Skeoch (formerly of Tesla), David Parks, Steve Stokes, Brian Powell and Nathan Utz (formerly of Lynch Mob).

    The band spent most of 2019 writing and recording. They made themselves public to world in February of 2020. On February 29, the band self produced and released their first song “The Myth I’m Livin’ ” on Metal Works, 105.9 The Rock in Nashville, TN.

    The song has since achieved much positive attention worldwide.In June of 2021, the band released another single and video titled “Fate.” The song was recorded and mixed by Michael Rosen at Sound Stage Studios in Nashville. The song is 1 of 13 songs set to be released as a full album in late 2021.

Resist And Bite - Resist And Bite (CD) (2021 Indie)

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