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  • Artist: Rawkon
  • Label: Metallic Blue Records
  • UPC:655825506826
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2020


    The year was 1981 in Reno, Nevada. Mike Grover (PUSHBOX, VALENTINE RODEO, VERTICAL SMILE) was playing bass in a garage band called CATASTROPHE with Tim MacDonald (CRYSTAL AXE, CYANATE, AFTER DARK, PSYCHOBABBLE, WRATHBANE, DARQUE CARNIVAL) on guitar and Robbie Wolderidge (ROCK BOULEVARD) on drums. The band played a few live shows and had plenty of fun for a few years. In 1984, after CATASTROPHE broke up, Mike formed a new band called IRAWNIK with Jeff Montgomery on guitar joined by a few other high school friends. After recruiting Mike’s brother, Marc Grover (VICEZ, AXENT, ROCK BOULEVARD, CRASH STREET, I4NI, NEVERSAY), on vocals (he had just left his band VICEZ), the band changed their name from IRAWNIK to RAWKON. The band also picked up Sean Drew (VICEZ) on rhythm guitar. Sean was only in the band for a short time before Marc took over his guitar duties while continuing to front the band. RAWKON also found a solid drummer in Guy “Twin Cannon” Johnson (LETITIA RAE) who joined the band after being referred by Rob Grover, Mike’s and Marc’s brother. In 1985, Jeff was replaced by Harry “Hairlong” Crook (SLANG WARFARE) on guitar. RAWKON hired manager Dave Hoefer and in August of 1986, they pulled $2,500 together to record a 3-track demo cassette at Starsound Audio recording studio (they spent over $10,000 on recording and promoting over the band’s career).

Rawkon - Street Eagles (CD) (2020 Metallic Blue Reissue)

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