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  • Artist: Pauline Gillan Band
  • Label: Aqua Net Records
  • UPC: 3121594192616
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2022

    CD is sealed and brand new!

    The sister of DEEP PURPLE and GILLAN vocalist Ian Gillan. Pauline Gillan had issued the 1984 album 'Rocks On' credited to GILLAN/DEAN in union with former JERUSALEM and PUSSY bassist Paul Dean. Pauline put together the band NORTHERN DANCER in 1984 with ex-AVENUE guitarist Dave Bell, ex AXIS guitarist Dave Little, ex-GLACIER bassist Chris Wing and former AVENUE and GILLAN/DEAN drummer Keeth Naylor. The band debuted with the 'One More Time' single on the Stoke based indie label Bullet Records before signing to the York label Powerstation for the release of a full blown album, 'Hearts Of Fire', the following year. Following a set of demos recorded at Fairview Studios, Pauline Gillan exited. The remaining band members persevered as a unit, working with Lorraine Crosby as vocalist. However, the band duly fell apart.

Pauline Gillan Band - Hearts Of Fire (CD) (2022 Aqua Net Records)

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