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  • ARTIST: Myrath
  • LABEL: Earmusic
  • UPC: 4029759186977
  • GENRE: Heavy Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 3/8/2024

    With it's incredibly personal, epic and beautiful progressive metal with Middle Eastern influences, Myrath has surely established itself as one of the most fascinating bands in the current international metal scene. Formed in 2001 in Tunisia, they are the voices of the revolution and combine lyrics critical of society with lush melodies and heavy guitars. With "Karma", Myrath solidify their place at the top of the metal scene with a powerful and captivating blend of Eastern melodies and Western heavy metal. From the epic opening track "To The Stars" to the hauntingly beautiful "Child Of Prophecy", this album will take you on a theatrical journey through a world of myth and legend. Featuring soaring vocals, intricate guitar riffs, and complex percussion, "Karma" showcases the virtuosity and creativity that have made Myrath one of the most exciting and innovative bands in the genre. With it's stunning production and lush soundscapes, this album is sure to be a classic for years to come.

Myrath - Karma (LP) (2024) (Transparent Red Vinyl)

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