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  • Artist: Megattack
  • Label: Metallic Blue Records
  • UPC: 655825508127
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 2023

    ​Parrish Hultquist (ROXX, EQUINOX, WOLFGANG) was considered a guitar prodigy of the 80’s hard rock and metal scene of Salt Lake City Utah. Parrish recorded 2 songs with his band EQUINOX before teaming up with Dana Freebairn (TERRA, TYTON, TERRIFF, FREEBAIRN, D.F.M.) in the band MOVIESCREEN. MOVIESCREEN released one album on cassette in 1984 and the band disbanded in 1985. Parrish had gained major local accolades as the premier guitarist in the area and he wanted to take his musical career to the next level. Parrish began to seek the best of the best musicians in the area with the goal in mind to create a Salt Lake City supergroup. Parrish first reached out to his best friend Bryan Sorenson (MANNEQUIN, MOVIESCREEN, CHAMPANGE, WOLFGANG) who was an incredible drummer. Parrish and Bryan practiced in Bryan’s room for a month getting a few songs underway as well as deciding on which other musicians they wanted to bring into their new band. Parrish reached out to his friend and bassist extraordinaire Patrick Carter (TURBO, NETWORK, LIXX) who was also quite a crowd-pleasing showman. Patrick was on tour on the east coast, but saw the potential of this new band and quickly returned back to Salt Lake so the project could move forward. Parish asked Patrick what he thought of the name MEGATTACK for the new band. Patrick loved it and Salt Lake’s supergroup was born.

    Now it was time to bring in a vocalist and frontman and Parrish knew exactly who he wanted to fill the spot. Rick Jackson’s (SLYDER, WIZARD, RAGDOLLZ, HARI KARI, ASPHALT JUNGLE) band THE JACK had been Salt Lake City’s top act for several years before Rick disbanded it. Rick was arguably Utah’s best and most famous vocalist at the time and Parrish was deadest on bringing him into MEGATTACK. Bryan had played with Rick before in MANNEQUIN, so when he was approached with the idea, Rick was eager to start a new band and quickly joined the ranks.


Megattack - Raw Delivery (CD) (2023 Reissue - Metallic Blue Records)

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