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  • ARTIST: Lost Breed
  • LABEL: Shadow Kingdom
  • UPC: 888174129075
  • GENRE: Doom Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 10/15/2013

    "Save Yourself" picks right up where "The Evil in You and Me" ends. This album is a little more straightforward in the songwriting department, but it still has that quirky charm about it. It's probably a little more doomy and with that a little more accessible than "The Evil in You and Me". Both "Save Yourself" and "The Evil in You and Me" are essential and you definitely need both if you like this style of music. These guys might have had a short-lived career, but we probably got the cream of the crop out of them before they called it quits. They were a band that came out at the wrong time when the world wasn't ready for them. It's a shame because if they were more well known, they would probably influence a ton of bands. The one thing that's great about Lost Breed is that this stuff never gets stale. You discover something new with each listen and after years of hearing them, the well of new sounds never runs dry.

Lost Breed – Save Yourself (CD) (2013( (Shadow Kingdom Records)

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