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  • Artist: Various Artists
  • Label: Krescendo Records
  • UPC: 689492143022
  • Genre: NWoBHM
  • Release Date: 2013

    CD is Brand-new/Unplayed and sealed CD!

    Remastered re-release on CD of the cult compilation album of 80’s!!
    “Lead Weight” was one of the most important NWOBHM or generally Metal compilations ever made! Nevertheless, it’s never been re-released in its original form and that, ladies & gents, is a major Rock’n'Roll crime! Guess it’s kind of hard to explain what this album meant (& means) for many people back in the days before internet, personal computers and cell phones.
    NWOBHM classics here, not the least of which being the tracks from: Raven, Venom, Blitkrieg, Warrior, Aragorn... lesser so for the other tracks. But the whole thing is a genre landmark, being first sampler chock full of essential bands from the movement.
    Reissues of compilations are rare, simply because most compilations don't really matter in the long run. But “Lead Weight” from 1981, originally released on Neat Records, was a definitive example of the great NWOBHM movement; an album treasured upon its release and still looked on favorably by all fans of the sound and the times.
    Absolutely excellent tracks from: Raven, White Spirit, Venom, Blitzkrieg, Aragorn, Fist, Bitches Sin, Satan's Empire and more!!!

    01. Raven - Inquisitor
    02. White Spirit - Cheetah
    03. Venom - Angel Dust
    04. Axe - Ss Giro
    05. Blitzkrieg - Inferno
    06. Aragorn - Noonday
    07. Fist - Throwing In The Towel
    08. Axis - Messiah
    09. Bitches Sin - Down The Road
    10. Warrior - Flying High
    11. Satan's Empire - Soldiers Of War

Lead Weight - H.M. Rock Compilation (CD) (2013 Reissue) (Krescendo Records)

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