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Kid Bludo returns in 2007 with a full-length killer release!
The band received their name and the inspiration for this work from superhero KID BLUDO. KID absolutely fell in love with 80’s rock, and as time passed, was saddened to see its departure from the mainstream. He sorely missed the melodic feeling and adrenaline pumping effect it had on his crime fighting abilities. He now discovered it much tougher to squash villains and avert tragedy while being fed a steady musical diet of rap, grunge, and the new alternative. One fateful night, Bludo’s danger alert went off. When he responded to the scene, he found a hard rock band in imminent peril surrounded by a gang of angry drunks in a country bar; courtesy of a bad booking agent. After saving the group from a certain pummeling, KID and the band became fast friends and discussed the current state of music well into the night. KID knew there were countless others who felt exactly as he did about the dullness of today’s tunes. He wished that there was something new, something that was like 80’s rock, but with a modern sound. The band felt Bludo’s pain and promised that they would do their best to save him this time. They were determined to create an album that would truly represent “Rock for the Rest of Us”: The band “KID BLUDO” was born. The songs present a new flavor to 80’s rock. The traditional components are all there. They are melodic, soulful, powerful, soft, and loud. The transition and feeling between these dynamic parts creates a memorable listening experience. Coupled with precise engineering, it gives birth to the new sound that KID BLUDO wanted. The band influences range from groups like Queensryche, Dokken, and Dream Theater, to Boston, Journey, and Rush. This work pays homage to these great bands and many more. There are great individual performances on this album, yet the band’s philosophy remains in the forefront: the song is the star. KID BLUDO features Chuck Woodard and Jennifer Herbs on lead vocals. Chuck’s soulful, powerful, wide range, along with Jennifer’s pristine and sometimes haunting voice, create a perfect match where “man meets woman in the metal”. Jim O’Brien is the band’s guitarist and keyboardist. He possesses the innate ability to write memorable and meaningful riffs. Jim plays the guitar with noticeable feeling, ranging from slow and soulful to powerful, blazing speed. Donny Howland plays drums for the band and sets the dynamic mood for this album. He does a masterful job with the demanding time changes and creates the fluidity that makes this album tick. The band reaches out to original fans of 80’s rock, as well as new fans who are hungry for a fresh sound with a familiar feel.

Kid Bludo - Up And Away (CD) (2007 Indie)

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