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  • Artist: Jason Bieler
  • Label: Music Theories
  • UPC: 762183801125
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 7/28/2023

    The second double album from Jason Bieler And The Baron Von Bielski Orchestra, "Postcards From The Asylum." This album boldly covers a ton of musical ground from metal to prog, from pop to psychedelic and back again. Fifteen genre bending songs containing over 74 minutes of music. "Postcards From The Asylum" is the follow up to their critically acclaimed debut "Songs For The Apocalypse" and features special guests Marco Minneman, Todd "Dammit" Kerns, Ryo Okumoto, Andee Blacksugar, Edu Cominato, Ricky Sanders, Chris McLernon and more! Dark, twisted lyrical content wrapped in gorgeous cinematic melodies. A haunting, challenging and majestic display of creativity from a clearly disturbed source.

Jason Bieler - Postcards From The Asylum (2 LP) (2023) (Yellow Vinyl)

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