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  • Artist: Holy Mother
  • Label: Massacre
  • UPC: 4028466924032
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 6/7/2024

    Holy Mother presents the follow-up to "Face This Burn" and their overall seventh studio album: "Rise"! A career that spans from the 1990's until the present day, Holy Mother has delivered some of the most blistering American, fist-pumping music of their genre and pulls no punches with it's heaviest and most powerful release to date. Anthems like "Rise", "Power", "Fire", "Rain" "Jeremiah", and "Hex" will have you banging your head and stomping your feet, and the classic "Live To Die" from the critically acclaimed "Toxic Rain" album of Holy Mother's past is brought to new life, channeling the spirit of the late, great Holy Mother co-founder Randy Coven. This album will melt your face, compel you to raise your fists and rebel and as Holy Mother intend to lead the force of Metal followers to their destiny with the driving force of the amazing Ronnie James Dio-style vocals of Mike Tirelli, the blistering shredding of the young guitar prodigy Mickey Lyxx, the pounding in-your-face drumming of powerhouse James Harris, and the blazing bass of the Brit, Wayne Banks. Don't be left in the dust! Pick up Holy Mother's "Rise" and join the rest of the Metal generation in the rise of Holy Mother!

Holy Mother - Rise (LP) (2024) (Black Vinyl)

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