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  • Artist: Hellbender
  • Label: Metallic Blue Records
  • UPC:655825508929
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 10/27/2023

    Hellbender started out as a "White Metal" band, where their lyrics weren't necessarily Christian, just more anti-evil. In 1986 the band released a cassette EP (The Least Within) playing a style of music that would appeal to King Diamond fans. In 1990 the band would release thier second casstte EP (Witchway), where they dropped the anti-evil lyrics and played straight forward metal with lyrics that had to do with death and destruction. These cassettes were only pressed in very limited quantities and have become very collectible. The band had a lineup change which pushed the band to change thier name and the name the band started going by was "Reaction". Reaction went onto release 1 cassette EP, but recorded several unreleased songs. Metallic Blue Records has teamed up with Hellbender to release a 12-track album with all the Hellbender recordings. MBR is also releasing the 12 songs from Reaction on its own release. As always, METALLIC BLUE releases come 100% professionally silver-pressed with 12-panel front inserts with a double-sided back inlay.

Hellbender - Witchway (CD) (2023 Reissue) (Metallic Blue Records)

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