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  • Label: Riding Easy
  • UPC: 603111732213
  • Item #: 2147175X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 3/29/2019

    The free-wheelin' creativity and infectious vitality of the '80s Bay Area thrash scene is a moment forever locked in time, but it's spirit lives on in the galloping guitar picks, soaring harmonies and blistering rhythms of San Francisco quartet Hell Fire. The band's perfect hybrid of NWOBHM theatrics and American thrash attitude delivers a rousing and genuine expansion on sounds long lost to pointless battles over who can be the most "extreme."

    Mania, the band's third album and proper debut on Riding Easy Records warmly condenses elements of influences like Angel Witch, Iron Maiden, Rainbow, Exodus, Metallica, Riot, Virtue and Diamond Head into ten tracks of headbanging MUYA anthems. "Thematically, everything on the album comes from personal experiences," says vocalist / guitarist Jake Nunn. "From the highs of partying together out here in Oakland, or the nostalgia of being a kid learning Zeppelin on a beat up guitar, to the extreme lows of isolation, personal trauma, and mental illness. Sonically we want our records to sound like you're standing in front of the stage at a show. The power of Marshall stacks in front of your face, drums at your ear level, thunder of the bass and feeling the presence of the room." Hell Fire achieves just that-and then some-on Mania.

Hell Fire - Mania (2019) (Black Vinyl)

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