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  • Artist: HammerFall
  • Label: Nuclear Blast Records
  • UPC: 4050538875768
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 1/21/2021

    Small scrunch on upper right corner - Priced to compensate for this - Pics available upon request...

    Well, the hammer falls with full might for the fifth time, once again! The Swedish priests of the cult of the so called 'True Metal' scene are back. The truth is that maybe these guys have accepted a huge hostile assault by many 'non True Metal fans' but on the other hand this is quite dishonest since Hammerfall's Heavy Metal proposal is honest, straightforward and most of all entertaining and full of power

HammerFall – Chapter V; Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken (LP) (2021 - Black Vinyl)

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