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  • Artist: Hall Aflame
  • Label: Rat Pak Records
  • UPC: 638647815826
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 5/3/2024

    Hall Aflame, the rock band which features Metal Church founding guitarist Kurdt Vanderhoof, will release their long-awaited sophomore album "Amplifire" on May 3, 2024 via Rat Pak Records. Originally formed in 1989, the band garnered commercial success with their debut album "Guaranteed Forever", which was well received by fans and industry peers alike and quickly found themselves opening for ZZ Top on their 1991 "Recycler" tour for a number of dates. As with many bands from that era, facing a decline in interest for AOR rock due to the onslaught of the "grunge" scene, the band went on a lengthy hiatus and reunited again in late 2023 to begin working on a handful of songs.

    Amplifier offers 12 new studio tracks and reunites Kurdt with original bassist Brian Smith, along with drummer Bill Raymond and front-man Scott Nutter. Regarding the album, Kurdt Vanderhoof comments, "This album came about as a project to document all the songs that we had written for the second album that never came to be. We revisited the songs and realized they had to be recorded properly. Then it blossomed into something much better than we had even hoped! So that led us into reforming the band instead of just having it be a project." Bassist Brian Smith adds, "I think anyone that is a fan of "Guaranteed Forever" will see this record as a new and improved "Part II" of Hall Aflame. Great songs, great production and we had a ton of fun putting this together!" Scott Nutter adds "A good hard rock album should lift you, make you want to sing along and rock out! That's what this album does for me!" From the driving album opener "Helltown" to the powerhouse outro track "Keeping Them All Away", Hall Aflame shines with their signature brand of rock-n-roll. Tracks like "Ripcord", "In The Same Gutter", "It Ain't Enough" and "Gunnin'" are filled with memorable hooks and melodies, while songs like "Pullin Me Apart" and "1974" showcase their unique, classic rock songwriting abilities. With influences that range from Bad Company to Thin Lizzy, "Amplifire" is best described as the perfect blend of classic rock with a modern-day edge!

Hall Aflame - Amplifire (LP) (2024) (Grey with Black Marbled Splatter VInyl)

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