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  • ARTIST: Hades
  • LABEL: Golden Core
  • UPC: 194111027831
  • GENRE: Thrash Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 2024

    HADES was undoubtedly one of the leading representatives of American metal bands who seasoned traditional heavy metal with speed and thrash elements. Founded in 1978, the first two singles 'Delivers From Evil' (1982) and 'The Cross' (1985) were even simpler. The same applies to the track 'Easy Way Out' on the "Metal Massacre VI" compilation. In 1987, the band released their debut album "Resisting Success" on Torrid/Combat (in Europe Roadrunner Records), which made them immortal in underground circles. With much more demanding song structures and Alan Tecchio‘s imperious vocals, the band deliberately rejected the mainstream and reached a fringe of loyal, fanatical fans.

    In 1988, the band set to work on their successor "If At First You Don't Succeed", which proved difficult at first due to excessive drug use on the part of the producers. Despite this, Hades' second album is considerably more powerful and transparent than the first. The long track 'Aftermath Of Betrayal', with its intro ('Tears Of Orpheus') and outro ('Finale'), and songs like 'Kings In Exile' follow in the footsteps of its predecessor, while 'Opinionate!' and 'In The Mean Time' lean more towards melodic thrash. To this day, fans argue over which LP is the best. It was only later that the style evolved towards a mid-tempo groove (third album "Exist To Resist"). Alan Tecchio and Dan Lorenzo founded Non-Fiction and released three albums that can best be classified as doom.

    After countless CD reissues of "If At First You Don't Succeed", Golden Core now offers the first vinyl reissue! The material was transferred from the Torrid original and remastered, then mastered for vinyl. The A side contains a bonus track, 'M.E.C.'. The printed inlay contains rare texts and photos.

    Dan Lorenzo is currently enjoying success with PATRIARCHS IN BLACK, whose second album was recently released on LP by Golden Core.

    An American metal classic is now affordable again on vinyl!

Hades - If At First You Don't Succeed...(LP) (2024 Reissue) (Black Vinyl)

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