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  • Artist: Freakshow
  • Label: Eonian Records
  • UPC: 798576245795
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 10/27/2023

    CD is in-stock and ships out starting next Tuesday to arrive on Friday, October 27th release date!

    Ronnie Borchert, Lead Vocalist, and guitarist of FREAKSHOW, “We are so excited about this new album. Having four true hard rockers get together that have never played together and create an album like this. Stet’s success with W.A.S.P., Greg with Badlands, and Carlos with Quiet Riot and Ratt shows its face with this new band and album. The songs and musicianship are 100% represented. FREAKSHOW gives you everything that hard rock is designed for.”

    Ryan Northrop of Eonian Records, “We hope music fans will really enjoy this new FREAKSHOW, release. I have known Ronnie for a long, long time. He is an extremely hard worker and a dedicated musician. To bring together musicians of this caliber is something special. During the first listen of their brand-new album “So Shall It Be,” you can hear Ronnie, Carlos, Greg, and Stet Howland'‘s chemistry. It’s undeniable. Eonian Records is proud to be part of such a great release.”

    About FREAKSHOW - FREAKSHOW’s debut album was a supergroup featuring Miss Crazy’s Ronnie Borchert, Cinderella’s Jeff LaBar, Quiet Riot’s Frankie Banali, and Tony Franklin, who had played in The Firm, Blue Murder, and Whitesnake.

    FAST FORWARD to 2023 ...different players, yet another output of AMAZING, hook-filled, blazing rock-n-roll! Ronnie Borchert brings together friends Carlos Cavazo on guitars (Quiet Riot & Ratt), Greg Chaisson on bass (Badlands & Atomic Kings), and Stet Howland on drums (W.A.S.P. & Metal Church) to record the brand-new album “So Shall It Be.”

    FREAKSHOW’s founder, Ronnie Borchert stormed onto the rock scene in 2005 as the frontman for San Francisco-based Miss Crazy. His vocal style quickly solidified Miss Crazy as one of the best new melodic rock bands and drew quick comparisons to singers such as Brian Johnson, Tom Keifer, and Steve Whitman. Prior to Miss Crazy and FREAKSHOW, Ronnie was the lead vocalist for melodic hard rock and glam bands Amsterdam and Trixie.


Freakshow - So It Shall Be (CD) (2023 Eonian Records)

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