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  • ARTIST: F.K.Ü.
  • LABEL: Despotz Records
  • UPC: 7350049519487
  • GENRE: Thrash
  • RELEASE DATE: 3/1/2024

    The closing line to the title track of the new album pretty much sums up the essence of F. K. U. Heavily inspired by 80's horror movies and crossover thrash metal (mostly S. O. D. to be honest) the seed for what was to become F. K. U. was planted as early as 1987, but it would take another 10 years before the guys got their act together and actually created some music for the world to hear. Back then in the late 90's, playing this type of music was probably the most uncool thing you could do, but they've always stuck to their knives and done their own thing and never followed trends in the current music scene. Now, after 5 albums and countless live shows, F. K. U. returns with their most defining and hard-hitting album to date: The Horror And The Metal. The album is a simple mission statement and serves to cement the two fundamental pillars of F. K. U. Horror is the overall theme of the band and it's movies from the 80's serve as their main lyrical and visual inspiration, and Metal is what runs through these guys' veins. With one foot in Bay Area thrash metaland one in east coast crossover metal, they have created their own concoction of thrashing horror metal anthems sure to ignite any mosh pit. Once again produced by the band's singer (who we in this case will refer to by his birth name) Lawrence Mackrory (BLOODBATH, KATATONIA, VOMITORY), the band locked themselves into Rorysound Studios in early 2023 to begin recording the new album. When they, after a couple of months, finally emerged through the front door (not unlike how Jack Torrance broke through the bathroom door with an axe) they had created a horror metal masterpiece that will eliminate any uncertainty of what their intentions are. Although they never left, it's time for everyone to know that F. K. U is back!

F.K.U. - The Horror And The Metal (LP) (2024) (Red/Blue Splatter Vinyl)

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