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  • Artist: Enertia
  • Label: Indie
  • UPC: 807207031826
  • Genre: Heavy Metal
  • Release Date: 1997

    These guys should really be better known. I don’t know why a good label hasn’t picked them up yet and put out their stuff with wider distribution, because everyone who I’ve played these guys to had great responses. They remind me a bit of another New York-area band, Holy Mother (also a band whose releases are very hard to find…rats). Enertia play a sort of groove-tinged power metal, kind of Pantera-ish in places but without the thrashy tendencies (and don’t get me wrong here, I’m not a Pantera fan). Its done right here though, there are no sections where the guitars just falter cause theres no riff present. These guys pull off some great groovy and powerful riffs (always important for any band, far as I’m concerned, heh), and the rhythm section is very tight with some occasional spotlight moments (see the beginning of “And So You Fall”). The singer is actually the main comparison I’d draw to Holy Mother, hes got a power metal-ish range but not as shriekingly high, hes just quite capable of carrying a tune and has a pretty clean voice though its also tinged with that attitude-soaked edge you’d find from guys like Sebastian Bach. The album gets going right away with “Ripped Out”, which is one of those riffs that made me grin like a fool, assured I’d bought the right album. It never really lets down either, most of the songs on here are worth listening to and memorable (my personal favorite is “Dear God”). Check these guys out, you won’t be disappointed!

Enertia - Momentum (CD) (1997 Indie)

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