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  • Artist: Detritus
  • Label: Retroactive Records ‎– RRV1477
  • UPC: 637405138924
  • Genre: Thrash
  • Release Date: 2019

    De·tri·tus is defined as “waste or debris of any kind.” What irony that the UK based band Detritus would unleash one of the greatest treasures of thrash metal in 1993 in If But For One on Kingsway/R.E.X. Records. While the debut is a fist-pumping thrash metal extravaganza that deserves a home in every self-respecting metalhead’s collection, If But For One demonstrates epic growth and musical maturity rarely seen from one album to the next. In fact, with 1990’s Perpetual Defiance being such an elite album, one could easily expect IBFO to be a let-down. Instead, IBFO offers a thrashing masterpiece that is progressive, thought-filled, spiritual, and definitively skull-crushing! IBFO is nothing less than a maelstrom of metallic fallout. Tossing aside the by-the-numbers thrash, Detritus catapulted into one of metal's most innovative outfits, ever.

Detritus - If But For One (2019 Vinyl Reissue)

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