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  • ARTIST: Cirith Ungol
  • LABEL: Metal Blade
  • UPC: 039841604955
  • GENRE: Heavy Metal
  • RELEASE DATE: 10/20/2023

    Vinyl LP pressing. 2023 release. Cult heavy metal outfit Cirith Ungol unleash their sixth full-length, Dark Parade. Wasting no time to ride their molten wave they started with their 2020 studio comeback Forever Black, Cirith Ungol started writing songs for Dark Parade as soon as Forever Black was released. Then, like everyone else, Cirith Ungol were hamstrung by the global pandemic, struggling through illness, seclusion, grief, and depression in their quest to create dark, vibrant art. And like the greatest warriors, they persevered, working on one song at a time - distractions be damned. The first track composed was the crushing "Relentless," which reinforced their confidence and clarity of vision. The rest of the album came naturally, fueled by personal misery and the tragedy of worldwide collapse.

Cirith Ungol - Dark Parade (LP) (2023) (Grey with Black Smoke Vinyl)

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