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  • Artist: Bordreaux
  • Label: Metallic Blue Records
  • UPC:655825506926
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2021


    “Boudreaux” (Boo-drowe) is the last name of multi-talented musician Chris Boudreaux (THE TAKE, SOLDIER, RESTLESS BREED, HAIL MARY, HUNTER), who got his start as a drummer. Chris played in the Utah-based band THE TAKE, where he handled drumming duties on the album Hard Wave Heroes and received local praise for his work behind the kit. Chris was told by concert promoter Lenard McMillen, after seeing him DJ at club Xenon, that he was too flashy and animated to stay behind the drumkit and he should really think about becoming the front-man for the band. So, Chris set aside the sticks and picked up the mic. THE TAKE put out the album Get Taken, which featured Chris front and center, but this caused some riffs in the band. As the inner struggle of front-man status became apparent within the ranks of THE TAKE, Chris parted ways with the band and McMillen’s Management Group went with Chris. Chris was introduced to John Verner (SKYLARK, AMBROSIA, LOIS LANE) and John was quick to notice the chemistry in Chris’s writing, but John didn’t want to relocate and no longer had the touring aspirations that were burning inside of Chris. John introduced Chris to some musicians that he felt would be a great fit. Those musicians were Clayton Austin, Jed Bradshaw and Tracy Nielson (ESSEXX, BAD BOYS) from the band PALACE. They changed the name to SOLDIER once Chris joined (Chris handled keyboard and vocal duties). The band moved out west to Las Vegas and then on to Hollywood. Chris parted ways with the band as they moved things back to Utah. Chris replaced Jeff Scott Soto (L.A. ROXX, YNGWIE MALMSTEEN, CARRERA, KUNI, EYES, TALISMAN, TAKARA, AXEL RUDI PELL, W.E.T., SONS OF APOLLO) in the California-based band RESTLESS BREED. But this was short-lived, and Chris moved on to a band called HUNTER. Chris quickly found chemistry with drummer Lionel Barton (FLESH N’ BLOOD, SLIK N’ WIKKED, THE GREG LEON INVASION) who studied under Jeff Porcaro (TOTO) and was tutored by both Bill Bruford (YES, KING CRIMSON, U.K.) and Chester Thompson (GENESIS, STEVE HACKETT, SANTANA). The band featured guitarist Michael Taris (TARIS, ACASHIA), nicknamed “595” by Eddie Van Halen, who loved Michael’s super-fast guitar playing. HUNTER worked on many original songs including the song “Hunters in the Night,” which they recorded at STS Studios. Chris eventually opened his own recording studio and band space called “C.B. Studios.” The band practiced and started to gain momentum, but there was a bit of a civil war when keyboardist Brooke Hansen (NERVOUS ENERGY, BOAST, TAKARA) and bassist Dave Acashia (TARIS, ACASHIA) decided they wanted to find a new vocalist. They went as far as auditioning new vocalists in Chris’s own studio. Chris, Mike, and Lionel departed the band, picked up bassist Mike Regan, and formed the band BOUDREAUX.

Boudreaux - Fallen Angel (CD) (2021 Metallic Blue Reissue)

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