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  • Artist: Bob Daisley And Friends
  • Label: Ward Records
  • UPC: 4562387207763
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 10/26/2018

    Neil Carter, an ally who worked with Gary for many years, Don Ailey, his own son Gus and Jack. The ultimate Gary Moore tribute, with the ultimate Gary Moore tribute, which features the elite of the rock scene stepping together to mourn the loss of is complete. John Sykes and Danny Bowles (Thunder) returning to the scene after a long silence. Featured "Still Got the Blues", Ricky Warrick ( The Almighty, Black Star Riders) and Steve Morse ( Deep Purple), "A Walk in Paris" and more. A requiem of love and friendship dedicated to a giant star.

    The Blues is dedicated to the soul of our eternal guitar hero who died on February 6, 2011 at the age of 58. The friends who walked with Gary Moore and the musicians who honored him have come together to pay their respects and love He presents the world with a tribute album filled with the best of the best. In response to its popularity and influence, the album features a number of top musicians.

    John Sykes (Thin Lizzy, White Snake, Blue Murder) breaks a long silence to He joins the band for "Still Got the Blues. He showed that he is still alive and well with his thick, weeping guitar, raising the specter of a revival. The first collaboration with Danny Bowes (Thunder), the excitement of their emotions synergized with each other. It has produced an effect.

    In recent years, the famous song "A Walk in Paris" used by the figure skater Yuzuru Hanyu in his short program Steve Morse (Deep Purple) plays poignantly in the second half of the show. Ricky Warrick (Thin Lizzy, Black Star Riders, The Almighty) This is a dream collaboration between the two.

    The fact that many musicians who had a direct connection with Gary are on board also makes this album a "legitimate The album is a tribute to the "Gary's". Gary's partner Neil Carter, who supported him in the 1980's, and his many battles on keyboards Don Ailey (Rainbow, Deep Purple), who played an important role in his career Glenn Hughes (Deep Purple), who played, Eric, the band's drummer, and Singer (KISS) and Darin Mooney, Gary's first professional band. Past members of the band, including Skid Row's Blush Shields, and Gary's son, Gary The addition of Jack and Gus highlights the enormity of their presence. They have been at the forefront of hard rock/heavy metal, with Rainbow and Ozzy Osbourne Gary and I recorded "Victims of the Future" (1984) and Bob Daisley, who has accompanied the band to Japan for three consecutive shows since their first performance together at the Session, is the first person to be featured in this Founder. It was Bob who encouraged Gary, who was going down the rock route, to make a blues album, and , which led to the hit album Still Got the Blues (1990). The two also reunited for The Power of the Blues (2004), a film in which they I am.

    Blues for Greenie (1995) and the posthumously released Blues for Jimi (2012), a tribute album to some of the greatest guitarists of all time. Gary, but now we can dedicate this film to ourselves. Seven years after his death, we still hold the blues for him.

Bob Daisley And Friends – Moore Blues For Gary - Japan Import)

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