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  • Artist: Audrey Horne
  • Label: Napalm Records
  • UPC: 840588162925
  • Genre: Hard Rock
  • Release Date: 2022

    Speaking about the upcoming album, frontman Toschie says, “20 years into our career, we are proud to say we have made probably our strongest album so far. It was made during a time of lockdown and isolation, so it became a very focused album, and an album on our own terms, even more than previously. It is 100% homegrown as we recorded it ourselves, Arve produced it and our long time ‘secret’ member Herbrand Larsen mixed it. This goes for both the music and the lyrics. The song structures are a bit more complex and this also leads to longer songs in general. We have included an instrumental song on the album that really focuses on the chemistry of the band and the dynamic of us playing together. We wanted the album to have the organic feeling from the 70s and 80s records we all grew up listening to but with a more modern sound to it. We wanted a good balance between more produced songs and some songs with a more live feel to them without too many layers and overdubs. We are really happy with the way the whole album turned out and we feel that we kept the essence of the AUDREY HORNE but with a few new flavors added. Hope you’ll have as much fun listening to it as we had making it!“


Audrey Horne - Devil's Bell (2022) (Black Vinyl)

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